During Holidays most boxes close their doors. Besides people tend to rather spend time with their families, relatives and friends. Does this sound familiar at all…

I could take a little break, I deserve it,” is probably the most common excuse we say to ourselves. Of course, we need a break, but definitely not a month-long pause with stuffing on sweets and alcohol. Actually, it’s during the festive season when we need training more than any other time of the year.

I’ll start again on January 1st,” is probably the most common (re)solution we set for ourselves after taking the above-mentioned break. While the plan feels attractive, it sounds pretty lame. How many times have you said this to yourself before (and actually stick to it)?

So how do we survive the Holiday season without going over the board? Read our Holiday Survival Guide to get some ideas on how to cope with having no time, no motivation and a lot of appetite.

How to find time to train during Holidays?

I know, Christmas shopping and visiting relatives while you are also trying to finish all the job tasks which need to be done before January 2018.

The tempo is high and training is the first thing we usually drop to gain more time. Don’t do it.

Go to the box before work. Make a change from the afternoon to the morning classes. That way the most important thing to keep the health up and running – exercising – will be done first thing in the morning.

If visiting a CrossFit box is a no-go, go for a short morning run. Or do a quick body weight workout at home:

3 rounds:
20 push ups
20 jumping squats
20 burpees
20 V-ups


100x Burpees a day…

As evenings are usually reserved for socialising with friends, try to do your training in the morning. If that is really not possible, do it right after the work. Keep the training simple and short. Your only goal throughout the Holidays should be to stay active. Leave the planned PR attempts for 2018.

How to motivate yourself to keep working out during Holidays?

More than finding open boxes or time, staying on track is a bigger issue – for most people. First, don’t stress yourself.

Accept the fact that you might not be able to go to the box six-times a week, but you can do at least 50 percent of that – three times per week – which is still as good and efficient, especially compared to not going at all.

Drop the perfection, maybe even switch from lifting classes to group WODs, and attend a workout at least three times each week in December.

Don’t forget, December offers a lot more than just training. Most people are cheerful and always ready to have a drink after a CrossFit class. Join in, first training, then socialising. Rather than training focus on connecting and hanging out with people through exercising.

Don’t be too hard on yourself…enjoy this festive season with family and friends, but don’t neglect your health, remember it took hard work to get you where you are today…maintain that!

We hope this helps…

Enjoy your festive season.