This past weekend Barbell 1610 hosted its first Amateur and Elite strongman competition and some massive weights were thrown around including a 260kg deadlift that was repped 7 times by Powerhouse Powerlifter Steve Swanepoel.

The ladies gave the men a run for their money as they easily deadlifted 100kg for reps. We had our very own Caroline Wolf and Rozane Du Plessis getting 9 reps to tie for the deadlift. We then moved onto the farmers walks where the ladies had to walk with 60kg in each hand for time. The tyre flips where next and this is where Caroline Wolf dominated due to her weightlifting background. It all came down to the car pull where the competition was super tight as Rozane ran away with the Bakkie and the WIN!

Next up was the Amateur men where the deadlift some wondering why? The competition became very tight soon after the deadlift but there was one who prevailed, Adriaan walked a massive 68 meters with 90kg in each hand putting Adriaan in the lead but Joe and Gary weren’t going to take that lying down with the three of them tying in the tyre flipping, with a huge 13 flips with the 300kg tyre. Adriaan then ran away with the jeep wrangler running 50 meters in 39 seconds leading him to the win with Joe and Gary very close behind!

Ending the day off we had the elite men battling it out for the R2000 cash prize!! Only two men were capable of pulling the 260kg axle bar deadlift. Steve went on to win the deadlift with 7 easy reps, Jean Van Der Have quickly caught up with the farmers walks by walking 48 easy meters with 110kgs in each hand! Xolani from Wesbank closely followed Jean walking 38,8 meters. The men than battled against a 400kg bell front leader tyre where Jean Van der Have pumped a massive 10 flips winning the event! It was quickly noticed that these men where not your casual gym junkies when they had to pull a bakkie loaded with 10 bodies. The bakkies was estimated to weigh around 2.7 TONS! The slight incline stopped the best of these athletes but once again one unexpected man prevailed, Jean Van der Have pulled the 2.7 ton bakkie 50 meters in one minute 6 seconds, giving Jean the win of the massive cash prize, ending the day off with smiles, laughs and crushed egos!

It was a very successful day and great fun. On behalf of Barbell 1610 we would like to thank all athletes that competed, spectators who cheered them on and to everyone who enjoyed the classic boerewors roll with us.

Hope to see you all soon!